We are Whales English
We inspire real learning

Personal Support

  • Each teacher is paired with a designated support staff for personal and individualized support.
  • The WE Facebook group is a reservoir of teaching tips and ideas. A valuable space that connects teachers to global peers, responsive admins.

Professional Development

  • We’ve Partnered with National Geographic Learning and Oxford University Press, and we offer free tailored training and resources for every teacher.
  • Additional career opportunities also available (evaluator, trainer, etc.)

Competitive Payment

  • Earn an average of $1500 per month plus performance based bonuses.
  • Typically, the number of classes the teacher teaches increases threefold in the second month and fivefold by the third month.

Job Security

  • Fixed schedule and fixed income enable the teacher to bond with students and watch them grow through a wide range of levels.
  • Unique group class models bring greater possibilities and prospective.
  • 1V6 program
  • 1V2 program
  • The Classes

    50-minute (including 10-minute break) ESL group class with maximum 6 students
  • The Curriculum

    New series from Oxford University Press that are in line with Common European Framework of Reference for Langauges (CEFR)
  • The Bookings

    Whales English assigns classes to the teacher based on teaching performance and parents' feedback.
  • The Pay

    $19-27 per 50-minute class taught (including 10-minute break in the mid), plus performance-based incentives.
  • The Timing

    Flexible hours
  • Working Hours (peak hours)

    Weekdays: 6:30-8:30 p.m. Weekends: 5:30-8:30 p.m. Beijing Time.

To Join The Team

Teacher Testimonial

  • Andrew


    Joined Whales English since 2018

    You will not be just a number in a faceless system. You will work closely with your individual support and for me, this has meant forming new friendships thousands of miles apart. But these relationships although challenged by distance are strong and true.

  • Olivia


    Joined Whales English Since 2014

    I truly believe that Whales English is a great place for kids to learn and interact with talented and caring teachers. The size of the classes are perfect to give each student individual attention and it's a great way to connect with native speakers from all over the world!

  • Tess


    Joined Whales English since 2019

    I find it incredible that I am teaching children in China, working with people who are all around the world yet Whales English manages to make me feel as if everyone is just around the corner.

  • Alana


    Joined Whales English Since 2015

    I have so much fun working with the students at Whales English, getting to know them, and seeing their progress! To see the joy on my students' faces when they really 'get' something is so rewarding. Teaching online has given me the freedom and opportunity to explore a different country, and experience the joy of learning about a culture different from my own. It's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything!

  • Lazaro


    Joined Whales English Since 2018

    I have had the privilege to teach English for many years. I must say in my opinion Whales English is the best at keeping a professional yet fun learning environment for both student and teacher. I have fun teaching kids of different ages and it’s even more rewarding when you see the students enjoy learning in your class.